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PrayerLives - this God centered store is for all customers! We offer reliable Christian apparel or wear such as jackets, t-shirts, necklaces, toys, collections, and more. We sell to people anywhere in the world We ONLY sell to you when in stock to ensure our customers are not disappointed and receive their products on time while it's effective. we are 100% Guarantee here focused on providing you with the best service , trusted and  best support possible.  Buy with complete confidence when purchasing from us.

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How has God Changed your life? 

Share your story.


My Story: For me, God was introduced in my life luckily at a young age. It was only when i was a teenager that the Lord really showed me a different perspective of this world. As i spent more time with him day by day, the connection grew and i started to really appreciate what his son did for us on the cross. He saved us from serious condemnation and without him, no hope would exist in this life today. It was after placing my complete faith in him was when i was saved by his blood. I Pray that each and every one of you find that relationship God has intended for you to have.

This store is a dedication to him..... Thank you Jesus :)